Hi Folks,

I said I'd post up a simple recipe and format to use for your batches and for use as a boiler plate for recipe questions. I hope you find this useful to help organize your ingredients, process and methodology:

Oskaarz Sweet Traditional Mead, (12 Gallon Yield)

27 lbs Orange Blossom
09 lbs Western Buckwheat
06 lbs Dark Wildflower
H20 to 12 Gallons
Mix honey and water until brix reads 30

Meadmaking process:

Yeast Rehydration: 20 g ICV-D21
1. Prepare a solution of 200 ml H2O @110 F + 30 g Go-Ferm
2. Add 20 g of D21 when temperature drops to 104 F and let rest 15 - 30 min
3. Add 200 ml 30 brix must to the rehydrated yeast and mix well
4. Inoculate the must with the yeast slurry
5. Divide into two 6.5 gallon good grade plastic fermenters, aerate well
6. Cover fermenters with sanitized cloth and secure
7. Check fermenters every 2-4 hours for foaming which indicates the end of the lag phase

Fermentation management:
1. At end of lag phase aerate well
2. Add 3 g DAP + 7 g Fermaid-K dissolved in 50 ml H2O.
3. Dose daily with 5 g Fermaid-K
4. Aerate twice daily until 33% sugar break
5. At 33% sugar break add 5 g Fermaid-K dissolved in 50 ml H2O, aerate well
6. Airlock and put in racking rotation row
7. Rack when brix drops to 9

1. Taste about bi-monthly after final racking.
2. Age and adjust as appropriate (oak, acid, back-sweeten, etc.)
3. Bottle or keg to your preference