I haven't decided 100% what I'll be using for spices, however I'm looking at ones that could have been available either natively or by trade in Migration/Saxon Britain. One I'm looking at is heather tips since I'm already using heather honey. Figured that would be a natural pairing, and might help restore some of the aroma and flavor of the honey if any is lost to boiling. I tried breaking up the step-feeding like this for a bit more control of the final sweetness, as suggested earlier in the thread.

Anyway, to revise:

1) Add 1/2 honey to the water. Boil 10mins if desired.
1A) If boiled cool.
2) Pour it into the carboy.
3) Let stand 24hrs.
4) Hydrate yeast per instructions.
5) Pitch yeast and aerate (aerate 2-3x daily)
6) Once fermentation begins add nutrients
7) At the first sugar break, add 1/2 the remaining honey along with final nutrients.
8) At the second sugar break add 1/2 the remaining honey.
9) Monitor fermentation. Continue adding 1/2 the remaining honey whenever fermentation slows until desired ABV reached or fermentation stops.
10) Rack to secondary fermenter.
11) Add spices.
12) Add honey to desired sweetness.
13) Add oak.
14) Age on oak for two weeks.
15) Test flavor, and if acceptable rack off oak. Otherwise continue aging, checking flavor every two weeks.
16) Bulk age two years total (including time on oak).
17) Bottle and enjoy.