3-29-16 GotMead Live - Bray Denard - Bray's One Month Mead

Tonight we're tickled to have Bray, the creator of Bray's One Month Mead (BOMM) on GotMead Live.

I asked Bray to give me some 'backstory' on his creation, and his answer was classic: "Mead is crazy good, but takes too long. I'm going to have to science the shit out of this to speed it up!"

And so he did. He created a recipe that produces a really good good mead in just 24 days, and his recipe has gone viral, and looks to surpass even Joe's Ancient Orange as the most popular mead recipe on the internet.

The show is going to be casual, we're having Bray on and going to talk mead making, his background and experiences making mead, and what he learned and found that worked and didn't.

Info, call in and feed on the page: http://gotmead.com/blog/gotmead-live...ne-month-mead/