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    this seems like a good thread to ask this.. I have been aerating with the wine stirrer bit for my powerdrill. did once the first day, took a reading at 1.110, added fermaid-o. aerating twice on day 2, added fermaid-o. today is day 3 and i aerated this morning, plan on doing it again tonight before i add my third pitch of fermaid-o. however, im sitting here thinking about how good it seems to be fermenting, and if i might possibly be at the 1/3 sugar break already. Im going to test tonight and see if i need to aerate again.. My question is, if i did hit it already, and i aerated this morning, did i do any damage to my batch?

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    You're fine. You don't have anything to worry about.
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    Squatchy is right; you have nothing to worry about.

    I routinely oxygenate until the 1/2 sugar-break; past that, you run the risk of sherry-like flavors and other off-flavors. Ken Schramm cites 10% ABV as a limiting guideline. Very few meads exceed 20% ABV when finished, so the 10% guideline effectively meets (or even exceeds) the 1/2 sugar break for most meads. I stick with the 1/2 break because it is a rule of thumb that has worked well for me and because, if anything, it errs on the side of caution.

    See Ken's article "Optimizing Honey Fermentation" (Zymurgy, November/December, 2005), which I am attaching. It is full of both experimental data and insight into the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of the mead fermentations.


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