Hello all. This is my first post about the first thing I have ever deliberately tried to ferment, so please be patient with me. I essentially followed the recipe at https://www.homebrewersassociation.o...varietal-mead/ however I am staggering the heist nutrients at 1.25 tsp every other day for four days.

I am doing y primary fermentation in a good grade bucket with an airstop. I pitched the yeait and added to the must on Sunday. When I open the container to add the does of yeast nutrient, it is obvious that fermentation is taking place however I am getting zero bubbles from the airlock. I say it is obvious because their is clearly CO2 being produced, just not violently.

My first question is whether or not jos means a damn thing. The second question is whether or not this is beif caused by an air leak and if so, would it hurt to transfer to a glass carboy?

The primary fermentation is happening in my 68 or so degree basement as the wife vetoed all other suggestions. It is dark and the temp is steady.

Thank you in advance. If I didn't provide enough info to properly give advice, please indicatebso.