Due to incredible popular demand and since we've confirmed our ability to handle the extra load this year, we are RE-OPENING the Home Entry Registration for 50 more entries! In order to ensure fair access for all, we are restricting these new entry slots to people who have NOT yet gotten an entry registered this year. If you try to sneak in an entry in the late group and I find that you have earlier entries in the registry database, I will disqualify and purge your late entries from the list. So, for new entrants only this year, mark your calendars! The Home Competition Entry registration page on the mazercup.org website will be active again, as of 5:00 PM Mountain Standard Time on Sunday, 29 January, and it will remain active until those 50 additional entry slots are filled!

Glad we could bring this late-breaking news to you!

Wayne Boncyk
Home Entry Registrar
Mazer Cup International - 2017