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So to be clear. I do have Basil cell carcinoma. This won't kill me. But I do have to have it cut out and monitored. I have to test for melanoma. My GP said it looks very suspicious and I need to get a biopsy. So off to the skin doc. Have appointment. Then have to wait untill the test come back. So,,, I don't know yet.

I will let you guys know when I do.

Thanks all for the kind words and thoughts and prayers!
Holy S*** i somehow missed this. DIdnt enter the thread because i did not go to the mazer cup...
Man, best of luck. Im sure you'll push thorugh. Being cronically ill sucks, specially the pain. I know well. But half of it is the mentality, im telling you. Same goes for WayneG. Sorry to both of you that you have to go through it. its deep shit. But try to be as positive as you can and take it easy. Modern science has your back and the prognosis is usually good, and much better than it was a few years ago.
Again, if you keep a good healthy mentality, you have half of the work done, belive me. Its probably gonna be hard as hell but you'll pull through, guys.
Melanoma is a bit of a bitch (ok what cancer isnt) but usually treatable with easy surgery, and with great results if found early. same more or less for lymphoma.
Again, all the luck to both of you