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    Default 1-31-17 GotMead Live - Making Great Session Meads

    1-31-17 Tonight we're going to talk about making session meads with Jason Scott Phelps from Ancient Fire Meadery. If the mead gods are good, we'll also have Chris Herr from Golden Coast Mead as well What, might you ask, is a session mead? A session mead is a lower alcohol mead, often carbonated, that is gaining popularity. It's an easy drinker, and not terribly hard to make, once you know how. [ 381 more words ]

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    Definitely need to make these kinds of posts more often!

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    This is a great source for ideas as well:

    I would rehydrate yeast (or use Wyeast 138 and add Fermaid O at 1 TBSP per gallon. I would omit campden tablets.

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