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    Default Wine yast substitutions or replacements?

    I've found the following chart for beer ( ) and was wondering if anyone had ever seem something similar for wine/mead yeasts?
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    Not that complet in the substitution have this

    Also there are some very similar strains. The comparisons are usually between wyeast and white labs (both liquid) and lalvin-gervin-vintners harvest

    The most common meadmaking strains are in dry form in all of the companies except k1v

    The ones i know because i use (second row is vintners harvest)
    D47 is CY17
    Ec1118 is CL23
    The one from lalvin that metabolizes malic acid but i cant seem to remember is MA33
    This ones also have gervin equivalents but i dont use gervin so i dont remember them

    There is also a 1388 equivalent in whitelabs but i cant remember the name. Found it in the internet so...

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