Hi gang,

Sorry, life is crazy, and work hasn't been allowing me as much Gotmead time as I'd like.

I know the site is running slow. The host we live on got bought by another, bigger host, and about that same time, when they moved us to a new server, things slowed down. I don't know why yet, finding out in a site as ridiculously complicated as Gotmead has gotten over the years is difficult, but I'm trying to figure it out.

It's possible I'll move the site to a new host, but first I'm trying to fine-tune the site to speed it up. Moving is a huge endeavor, and seems to end up being a few days every time, tweaking up the issues that crop up.

Moderated posts: People have been finding their posts moderated. I want to say, it's not you! Vbulletin, the forum software, has been auto-moderating random stuff. I think I have it turned off now, so just ping me via PM or gotmead@gotmead.com if you don't see a post you made show up. I have no idea why they make this so silly, there are half a dozen various settings that play into this, and apparently, a secret setting layout that no one seems to be able to agree on. I've been futzing with it for months.

Anyway, it shouldn't do that to you any more.