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    Default What are you drinking for Thanksgiving?

    I have some of my 2016 cider kegged and a 10 month old cyser with wildflower honey that I'll be serving guests. What about you guys?

    Happy T-Day
    Dave from New Haven County

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    I have some 6 month old cider that I was thinking about drinking. I also have a couple of home brews I might break out; a Sweet Stout and a Dunkelweizen. I already have open bottles of Tri-Berry and Vanilla meads open, both made with orange blossom, and might cap off the day with them. Then there's a bottle of Chocolate Raspberry port...... And, if the wife asks for it, I might open a bottle of red wine. :-)

    Enjoy the day!


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    I opened some Scottish heather honey mead made with added heather tips.

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    That sounds yummy Dave! We had red wine. But my brother also brought cider. i just don't know the exact age.

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