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    So, about 2 years back an ex got pissed off and took the airlock/seal off a 5 gallon batch of mead I had going while I was out of town for 2 weeks. Fermentation had already stopped and I just had been waiting to get back to rack it all. After getting back and seeing that it had spent the entire time open air i got pissed and decided too leave it alone, (stupid things stupid reasons stupid stuff, please dont flame me im looking for some positive feedback)

    Anyways, It's been sitting for 2 years sealed but open air* with a filter over a tiny hole in the plug, I was talking to some mates about it and how its sitting there and they were all like "F*** it man lets drink it anyways!!!!"

    So, im safe and I dont wanna get anyone hurt or ruin reputation with my mead, is there a way I can test if the mead is tainted or toxic or got bad bacteria in it or something? I dont think they will care if its flat or something.... they just love mead.

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    So it's been sitting on the lees (yeast residue on the bottom) all this time? Depending on the kind of yeast and how healthy your ferment was, you could be fine or you could have major problems. What does the mead smell like?

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    smells awesome and sweet, no vinegar smell or hint of sourness

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    Then there's no reduction from the yeast (otherwise it would smell sulfurous and be undrinkable). That's a good thing, considering how long it has been in primary. The mead is probably safe to drink, so have a taste and let us know how it is. If it tastes good, go ahead and rack ASAP.

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    sweet, im probably gonna have to buy another siphon, but i can get it racked asap, thanks!

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    yeah tasted, its bitter sour, but it smells good, but ima pass on it and pour it on out and start over

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    More likely than not it's turned to vinegar if it's sour like you say
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