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  1. Default so i uhh dumped what i hope to be just star san and dust

    yeaaa. i went to stir my cyser with ec1118 and me and all my brilliance dident check to see if the top was dry and yea straght into the mead my question is sence there is some alchol in there already prob around 5% has anyone else even been this dumb b4?

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    I think you will be fine. FYI most people use cheap vodka in the air lock. star san isn't going to hurt anything at concentrations that low.

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    I've done the same. With several batches. Several times. So we learn, don't worry about it!

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    Just never put anything in your airlock that you can't risk getting in your mead. The dust was probably sanitized. You're probably fine.

    "cheap" vodka indeed... no such thing where I live, so I use sulphite sanitizing solution for active ferments and I'm starting to use glycerine for aging.
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