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  1. Unhappy help my mead stinks

    so about a month ago i dissolved 1 cup of sugar into about 3/4 the volume of two powerade bottles and i added some bread yeast poked holes in the top and left for a month i siphoned out the liqued and left the solids in the bottom but it stinks really bad my first question is where did i go wrong and my second question is what i made safe to drink.

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    OK so let's start. You didn't make mead. Mead is made with honey, not sugar. What you made is a very crude alcohol usually only fit for distilling. It will have no taste, no body and no mouthfeel.

    Secondly, you probably did not follow any sanitary protocols, so chances are that solution you pitched the yeast in was not clean - at all. That means there's probably an infection in there, which would explain the smell.

    Thirdly, it may be safe to drink, but I would not. It will taste like it smells, which won't be good at all. I would toss it away.

    Lastly, to mimic one of our local "experts", I would recommend you listen to the GotMead Podcasts with Ryan Carlson. They can be found here: These podcasts will guide you through the process of making proper mead.

    In short, you did absoluteley nothing right, and that's fine, since it's your first attempt. Don't make that mistake again - do proper research and homework and you'll soon make VERY good meads in very short periods.

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    I don't understand why you would ask where you went wrong when it seems you did absolutely no research. I'm amazed it was easier for you to sign up to these forums and ask a question rather than do some google searches, searches on these forums, or even read the newbee guide linked at the top of the forums.
    You have to read up a lot more so that next time we could pinpoint the flaws. A it is there is no use for us to offer tips because we would be repeating the whole guide
    "Shouldnít we say wine is a mead-like beverage made with grapes substituted for the honey?" - Steve Piatz

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    Wow. I love the way the forum members reply here.

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