Starting my third batch. I'm about getting all my ingredients for this.

I have:

Fermaid O
Acid Blend
10lbs Clover honey

So -

Hydrate yeas with Go Ferm; This portion I'm not sure how much to mix with hot water, I have one package of 1116 for 4 gallons of must; Can you use too much or too little?
Mix 10 lbs Honey with H20 in 3 gal carboy so can just shake;
Add 3t Bentonite to 6 gallon bucket;
Add 4g Fermaid O to bucket;
Add Honey to bucket and add spring water to 4 gallons total;
Take OG;
Record OG date and time;
Pitch Yeast.

Nutrient additions 24, 48 and 72 hour points.
Degas 2xdaily with whisk.
Measure SG at night after degassing to watch sugar breaks.

I have these ingredients and hope that's what I need for a great third batch.