Thanks! I will do that

I've already listened/watched some of these and in one way it has lifted my spirits so I don't think this first run will be a complete failure, however, it also just leaves a few of the questions I have still unanswered. Everyone seems to keep saying that you can use any good brewing yeast that you want but I need a little more guidence then that because, well, I got the yeast that I thought was best suited to the environment that it would be used in..... but that's appearently wrong. So..... my fermentors are hovering within a few degrees of 78F (25.5C). Going with the concept that "everyone should be able to make good mead", what yeast do you suggest I use in the future to produce a semisweet or sweet mead? I'm asking this now because when I can afford to get the potassium sorbate and the bentonite powder I might as well see if I can get proper yeast and a hydrometer so I can save on shipping.

Also, I don't remember seeing anyone answer my question about leaving the secondary (which will be my final container) in the fridge. Is there any reason for taking it out after I've cold crashed it and stabilized it?