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    Default Small floating bits of fluff in melomel...

    In a couple of my melomels there are small ~1mm bits of white fluff floating in them. They always seems to be 1-4 inches from the surface, and neutrally buoyant.

    They do not seem to have grown substantially, in a month of bulk aging, but there might be more of them perhaps, nor is there any film on the surface, or any other signs of infection. Both are clearing nicely after adding pectolase.

    One had strawberry, the other cherry. Both have been racked with a campden added, and I couldn't stop them from being transferred to the secondary.

    I think they are either mold or flocculated fiber material from the fruit.

    I made 2 x 5l batches of the cherry one, one with less honey than the other, the one with the higher sg has them, and a different, slightly unpleasant smell (h2s), while the other doesn't seem to have any, hence I think it is mold.

    I guess I should get some filter cloth and put them through it, see if it helps, but would like to know what it is before I drink any!

    Has anyone else experience of these?

    Kind regards,

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    I don't think you have anything to worry about. Lots of stuff floats and is not harmful. Infections form a pellicle on the surface.
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