So this past Sunday (8/12) I decided to finally start my first batch of Mead. I had all my equipment to make 1 gallon of mead. So I followed instructions as best I could and everything seems to be working. Except its now the 3rd day and there is now "bubbling". There are bubbles in the airlock, but they are small and just hug the surface of the airlock and don't move. the day after I started I opened up my bucket because I read you should aerate it a little, so I did that making sure to take precautions against contamination.

When I opened my fermentation bucket everything looked fine. There is a nice layer of form in the surface, no discoloration, and it smells like beer for lack of a better term. I put the lid back on making sure it was sealed all around and double checked the airlock. But it's starting to worry me that I may have done something wrong. But maybe its just taking a long time to start?

Unfortunately I didn't know to take a BRIX measurement before I sealed it up, I only took a ABV prediction and was around 12%. I'm thinking I may not have got my yeast going properly, if that is the case should I reactivate some more and add it in? Or is this batch possibly unsalvageable? Any help is appreciated.