I think I may have already figured out my issue, but here goes.

My first batch I have tried a batch of cherry mead. Here is the recipe I used.

1 gal spring water
3 lbs. clover honey
2 1/2 lbs dark sweet cherries, pitted and stemmed
1/2 pack Lalvin K1 V1116 yeast
O.G. is 1.084

I warmed the honey(in the jar) in a pan of hot water enough to make it easier to pour. I then added everything to a 2 gal icing bucket that had been thoroughly cleaned and sterilized with Star San. I re-hydrated 1/2 pack of the yeast(at 108 degree F) and added it to the must. I then added 1/2 tsp of yeast nutrient and stirred it quite well with a slotted spoon. My starting gravity was 1.084. In about 5 days it appeared to not be doing much. My airlock was not bubbling, at all. As the mix had been bubbling quite well up to this point my only conclusion was that the o ring in the lid was not sealing. The room I was keeping it in had quite the aroma, as well!
At day 5, as it didn't appear to be doing much, I re-hydrated the other half of the pack of yeast and pitched it, along with another 1/2 tsp of yeast nutrient, along with 1/2 tsp of nutrient energizer, and again stirred well with the slotted spoon. Now, after 10 days total, it doesn't appear to be doing anything. No foaming through the cherries and no bubbling. I checked the current gravity, after 10 days, and it is 1.000. According to your calculator that is 11.24%ABV. Lalvin advertises their K1 V1116 topping out around 18%. I am wondering why fermentation appears to have stopped. I was originally making a 1 gallon batch, to start. I think where my mistake was, I used an entire gallon of water, as opposed to using enough water, along with the 3 lbs of honey, to make a total liquid volume of gallon. This actually waters down my must by right at 2 pints. I know reducing the sugar will effectively cut the alcohol production so I'm thinking that may be why my fermentation my have stopped. Any help? Suggestions? They will be greatly appreciated. I have hives on my property and have access to good, raw honey from Eastern Ky and Southern W.Va. It just makes sense I try my hand at making mead. It has interested me for quite some time.