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    Ok so i bottled up my first batch about a month.ago and put the bottles away to age... i took one out to check on and noticed.sediment at the bottom of the bottles.. its.possible some.was transfered from the initial batch but how do i deal with it... i can rebottle or can i.add something to the mead to clear it??

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    This happened to me as well with my first batch. If anyone has tips I could use them as well.

    As for me, I just tried to drink them before it caused any issues. The mead had a bit of a weird taste, but I'm not sure if that was from the sediment or just poor practices as I was still learning. I have a couple of cloudy bottles left but at this point I don't care if I end up having to dump them. I'm making much better stuff these days.

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    Bottles are clear and the mead does taste a little like rocket fuel but im.hoping this will settle as i age it properly.. if not the no big loss as its a small batch.

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    Bulk aging, fining, and cold-stabilization are key strategies for reducing sediment in bottles.
    Filtration will take care of yeast-sized particles, but won’t prevent protein/tannin complexes from forming later.

    If you age ANY wine or mead for a lengthy period of time, you are likely to see some sediment form. It is harmless and usually means there is less bitter-tasting stuff left dissolved in the mead.
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    What Medsen Fey says and in the past decanting wine was because of the sediment that formed in even the best quality aged wines so you are in good company, if that helps.

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    I have experienced this many times, having bottled numerous batches, only to find that what I thought was crystal clear truly wasn't. Most times, there is just a fine sediment, such as you described. This I have never rebottled. I just pour delicately so as not to disturb the sediment, and advise friends and neighbors I give the occasional bottle to to do the same.

    A couple of times, though, I have experienced a sediment that sits near the bottom, and looks for all the world like some kind of ethereal cotton. It never flattens out, but sits up a centimeter or two from the bottom of the bottle, like a ghostly fog enshrouding the "bump". To make matters worse, I have no idea where this wispy wickedness comes from, or how to prevent it. Perhaps others here have experienced this and could shed light on it. These, though, I have rebottled, just to make sure neither I nor anyone else had to deal with the hassle of pouring without disturbing this very delicate and naughty little precipitate.

    Hope this helps. A life of meadmaking is truly a life of learning, so be sure to enjoy every lesson along the way! Good luck!
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