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    Unless I missed something it would seem that you have waited 6 months after fermentation to add sorbate. Generally it is considered a good idea to add your sorbate with your first dose of sulfate when racking from your primary fermenter.

    As far as backsweetening you will be adding much less honey and you will have some ethanol to help dissolve.

    I would put the honey in then rack about 1/2 of your must onto it and stir slowly. Once dissolves transfer over the rest.

    My 2 cents

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    Thank you for the advice. I must have missed that about sorbate. I always thought it was a very late addition. So, if your sorbating at the first rack, presumably 2-4 weeks after pitching yeast, how much longer after that should I wait to backsweeten?

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    Just to be clear it is after fermentation is complete and when a stable gravity has been reached. Then rack and stabilize.

    Personally I usually let things sit for at least a few months and taste when I rack off of the fine lees and decide what I want to do at that point.

    Oak, backsweeten, add spices/fruit or just age as is for longer.

    I find it takes around 6 months for most of my meads to stop changing/matuting so I can reliably make changes. The mead will continue to change after this point but it is usually less dramatic.

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