About two weeks ago I stumbled upon mead. I quickly read a few articles and assembled the materials to conceive my first mead child, JAO. I quickly began reading all the material I could on mead during what little free time I have (I tend to become obsessive with my hobbies). GotMead has quickly become one of my favorite forums for research. I really do want to thank everyone that contributes here, whether it be asking questions or answering them. All of the moderators, especially Vicky and Ryan. Your content and explanations are so informative and helpful.
I digress, I decided for my first real batch I wanted to go with a flavor i've always loved. Any critique or recommendations are greatly appreciated as I am still very new to this.


16 pounds of Orange Blossom Honey
4 gal spring water
10 pounds of blueberries
20g fermaid O
12.5g GoFerm
5 Camden Tabelts
6g Potassium BiCarbonate
2 Tsp Potassium Sorbate
2 tsp Pectin Enzyme
2 packets of yeast Lavin 71b

• Mix 16 lbs of honey with about 2 gallon of water into 5 gallon carboy (wanting to stick with glass not plastic buckets).
• Add 6 grams potassium bicarbonate, pectic enzyme and 5 crushed campden tables.
• Split and mash 4lbs of blueberries (fresh if I can get a good price from farmers market, otherwise will use frozen)
• Add 3.5 lbs blueberries to the must and fill up 5 gallon carboy to a little over Ύ with spring water and stir
• Place in tub of water/ice if needed and maintain 68 degrees first two days then 64-65 degrees rest of process.
• Cover for 24 hours but let oxygenate (cloth over opening)
• Measure pH and specific gravity and balance if needed
• Microwave 250 mL of water in sanitized cup and add 12.5 g of Go Ferm Protect
• Stir with sanitized spoon and put the cup in ice bath
• When it’s 104 degrees add 8 gram 71B yeast, wait a few minutes, then swirl
• Wait 15 minutes.
• Temperate the yeast slurry with must adding about 125 mL of must at a time until my slurry is around or over 60 degrees
• Pitch the yeast into the 5 gallon carboy of must and airlock.
• Following the TOSNA 2.0 fermaid-o only
• At 24 hours add about 5 grams of Fermaid O, degas and take hydrometer reading
• 48 hours add about 5 grams of Fermaid O, degas and take hydrometer reading
• 72 hours add about 5 grams of Fermaid O, degas and take hydrometer reading
• *Take a daily hydrometer and pH reading until stabilization.
• At the 1/3 sugar break add about 5 grams of Fermaid O and degas.
• Degas/rouse 2x daily for the first week then 1x time daily the second week.
• Once fermentation stops (consecutive hydrometer readings for a 3 or more days) rack into 4 one-gallon carboys. I was then going to rack the rest (1/3-2/3 of a gallon into a smaller vessel and use for topping off after racking
• Stir carboys every 2-3 days for 30 days and make sure fermentation has ceased,
• Add 1 camden tablets for each 1 gal batch.
• After 24 hours add potassium sorbate (1/2 TSP per gal).
• Once that sits for 24 hours re-rack into a new carboy
• Add 1-1.5lbs blueberry to all 1 gallon carboys
• I also wanted to experiment with flavors in the different carboys, maybe lemon/cherry/dragonfruit/sage/lavender/pine? Open to suggestions