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    The AMMA is pleased to announce the results of the first-ever National Mead Maker of the Year competition!

    The purpose of this competition is not only to help spur even more participation in mead competitions, but to also motivate higher standards of mead making practices from amateur mead makers around the country.

    The big announcement and awarding of prizes to the MeadMaker of the Year and the 1st and 2nd runners up will happen at the 2019 AMMA Annual Meeting at MeadCon in Broomfield, March 12, 2019. Winners will be contacted to arrange receipt of prizes.

    Here are the top ten mead makers by points for 2018.

    Congratulations to the winners, and to all of those who put your all into competing for the ultimate bragging rights in the mead world.

    Details for the 2019 NMMY season will be updated on the AMMA website at a later time.

    National Meadmaker of the Year 2018 Tom Repas 117 points

    First Runner-Up Ryan Carlson 78 points

    Second Runner-Up Carvin Wilson 68 points

    4th Michael Wilcox 66 points
    5th Steve Patik 43 points
    6th Matthew Weide 33 points
    7th Joe Leigh 28 points
    8th Jeremy Goehring 26 points
    9th Marek Leczycki 23 points
    10th Scott Behrens 21 points


    We include medals won in participating competitions. A mead competition must have more than 100 entries to be included in MeadMaker of the Year.

    Points are awarded as follows:

    Gold medals awarded 6 points
    Silver medals awarded 4 points
    Bronze medals awarded 2 points
    1st Place BOS awarded 4 points
    2nd Place BOS awarded 3 points
    3rd Place BOS awarded 2 points
    Honorable mentions awarded 1 point

    * Entrants must be an active AMMA member at the time of each competition in order for those points to qualify towards the NMMY award


    Mazer Cup International
    Mead Free of Die
    Domras Cup
    Orpheus Cup
    Texas Mead Cup
    Michigan Mead Cup
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