2 batches simultaneous start date Nov 8, 2018

1 gal carboys
3 lbs clover honey
1 cup sugar (to fortify wanted plenty of alcohol)
spring water to fill (to glass one gallon lettering on carboy)
EC-1118 yeast 1 pkg each

honey added with hot water and shaken till dissolved
batch 2 had spices, batch one did not
spices were
2 sticks cinnamon
2 whole cloves
2 whole all spice berries
3 whole star anise (one was broke in half in package)

Batch 1 started slow (i don't think all the yeast had activated when i added it) took about 1.5 days to bubble consistently near same rate as batch 2 but never got that fast.
Batch 2 took bout 5 hours to get a good bubble (one every 5 seconds)
both are getting sediment now on the bottom of the carboy

batch one has slowed batch 2 has stopped.
both were swirled, not shaken, daily to add Oxygen

i'm low budget here with out all the fancy tools.

the plan was for the batches to ferment till around the 10th of December then rack and settle and bottle for Christmas gifts.

Should i go ahead and rack batch 2 and start the settling process?

If mead is this fast i may have to make a batch or 2 a month