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Thread: Gin inspired

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    Hey guys. So recently I was in a neighboring city when I found out they had a meadery. Well of course I stopped in and had a flight. Anyway, one of the samples I tried was a gin inspired mead and I think Id like to try, however I have no idea if my mind is right with my recipe.

    3 lbs of honey
    Gallon of water
    Yeast nutrient
    Yeast energizer

    Juniper 1-2-3 oz
    Coriander ?
    Half cinnamon stick
    Peel of orange
    Peel of lemon

    Please let me know your input Id really appreciate it

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    You should look up what ingredients are normally found to make gin. That will get you started. I would the use as neutral yeast as you can so the ingredients will come through. I would also use a neutral honey. So Clover or alfalfa. And DV10. Learn TOSNA and don't use generic nutrients. TOSNA will help you with that
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    You could use a whole cinnamon stick and half a tea spoon of coriander. You could even use 4 whole peppercorns and a one whole star anise. This would enhance the taste in a much better way. Juniper berries for flavour could be added.

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    Hi Dutchy993. Have never tried to make gin at home but here's a recipe for gin that looks like the volume is 1 pint. It also uses vodka as the alcohol source and so the medium for extracting flavor from the botanicals. That would suggest to me that you may need to use more of the berries and you may want to add the berries and spices to you secondary rather than your primary. Or not, if all you want to do is make a mead that has echoes of gin rather than a mead that is more gin-like.

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