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    Default New and saying hi

    Hey all,
    Been brewing for a bit under 3 months after several years of reading and being insanely indecisibe about pulling the trigger on a given recipe. Ive got a few things on secondaries from my first 6 gallon batch from october(peach/ginger, a cherry and a blueberry ginger. Split out to 1 or 2 gallons from the initial batch)
    Past that I just started an experiment a few days back, mixed up a batch of must and then split to seperate carboys to try several different yeast.
    3 identical:
    1.1 SG to start
    1 oz strong black tea
    2.5g Go Ferm to start
    .9 Fermaid feedings at 24/48/72 hours
    4th feeding on day 6(will be happening just after I post this) as these 3 all hit the 1/3rd mark at the same time
    The Yeasts on these are Lalvin 71b-1122, Redstar Premier Classique and Mangrove Jacks M05 mead yeast.

    I then mixed the remaining must down a bit to try some Ale yeasts and wasn't sure how they would handle the 1.1 SG so 2 more gallons at
    1.06 SG to start
    1 0z strong black tea
    Ferm Go to start
    .62/.48/.62 Fermaid feedings at 24/48/72 hours
    These two are
    Mangrove Jacks Belgian Abbey, currently at 1.055 SG and
    Mangrove Jacks Belgian Tripel currently at 1.051 SG
    Will do their 4th feeding at 1.045 or tomorrow if they dont hit it before then.

    All of the above are in a basement with a pretty stable 59 degree temp at the moment.

    I don't have any specific questions at this point, though suggestions of other yeasts to try on future experiments are always welcome. Will update this as things move along.

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    Eaving - Hi and welcome.

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    D21, DV10, K1V, Cy3079, QA23, BA11, Assmanhausen, 58W3, Rhone 4600, Rhone2226, T306, D47. Those will get you started. If you look up Gotmeadlive podcast just a few weeks back, we did a podcast on how to match yeast and honey together to get the best results. You will learn tons from it.
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    Thanks, I'll take a look. I've used D47 before on some ginger beers but have not tried it on a mead yet. Most of the others Ive not seen locally but I'll poke my head around a bit more or ponder grabbing some off of Amazon.

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    These are still bubbling along, just took readings on all 5.
    The following 3 started at 1.10 SG
    71b-1122 is at 1.038
    Premier Classique at 1.044
    Mangrove Jack M05 at 1.043
    Below two at 1.060 SG
    MJ Belgian Abbey at 1.033
    MJ Belgian Tripel at 1.035

    How frequently do you guys check your gravities? I was obviously checking between the third and fourth nutrient addition, Ive been checking every couple since then.

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    I used to every few days. But now that I've been making mead for so long I hardly ever check it as long as I'm not doing some type of experiment that I need to follow my gravity readings
    7 out of 4 people have a hard time using their hydrometer!

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