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    Default First use of O2 stone/system

    Hey folks!
    I decided for my second round of batches of mead that I'd get a O2 stone. I'm still doing small, 1 gallon, batches while getting this mead process down and experimenting too. My main question is about how long should I leave the O2 on in a 1 gallon batch? 1-2 minutes, 30 seconds, etc.?

    From what I've studied I believe I don't need/want to add O2 after the 1/3 sugar break, but please correct me if I'm wrong.


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    in my 6 gallon batches, I disperse the O2 for about 2 minutes. After I've aerated, stirring out all the CO2 bubbles, I run the O2 for a minute while lightly stirring. Then I'll continue the O2 for another 30sec to 1 min with the must settled. I do this twice daily, following the same pattern as the TIOSNA ... which has a 1/3 sugar break objective. I also usually offset the O2 addition from the FermaidO additions so that to give myself more aerations/stirrings.

    note that the rate of O2 release is somewhat subjective. I open the O2 bottle untill I get an obvious stream of gas breaking the surface, so much that it only slightly upwells the must. having a geyser of bubbles is (for me) too much and wasteful.

    there are several older threads on O2 aeration and the theory behind use of O2 compared to stirring. the basic idea is that yeast need O2 and they get only minimal O2 from stirring or from surface exposure to air.

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