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    Heya, Made a post in the NewBee section 2 days ago and my post has yet to show up? Once I posted it said a moderator needed to approve the post, but since then I havn't been able to find a copy of the post and just wanted to make sure it hasn't been lost or if I should just try reposting?


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    Hi Sietch. I think the anti-spam settings sometimes cause issues for new members. But I don't think it has been over 2 days, so that might be abnormal. Others on the site have recommended typing up your post & saving the text to a clipboard and then making a short initial post on the forums, and then once that appears you can edit the post and paste in the full content from the clipboard. I think the anti-spam is more forgiving if there is a short post versus a long one?

    In any case, don't get discouraged. Hopefully someone more official here will have more info for you. Welcome to the forum, cheers!
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    I don't have any power in here either. But I think it just takes a little bit of time for Vicky to get in here and approve new people. Hang tight and I think you will be fine. Try reposting and see what happens
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    Thanks for the update! No worries, just wanted to try and see if that post still existed somewhere or not. It was a bit of a long one so I think I'll wait it out rather then retype the thing

    Cheers! Diving head first into the meady deep end so this forum has been a true gold mine to get things off on the right foot.

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