48hrs into my first mead and first fermentation of anything (5 gal. traditional 1.121 SG, 71B, SNA -Ferm-K, DAP-, pure O2 for 120sec once at start and once at 24hr mark), Ive got all the details of the recipe and protocols I'm using in a long post I made a couple days ago that's awaiting moderator approval; hopfully that'll post soon.

In the mean time, I've got a degassing question. The batch is currently fermenting in a carboy with an orange carboy cap and hose to jar of star san sitting at the base of the carboy. However, I'm not getting any bubbles. Only when I swirl the carboy will it bubble a decent amount.

It is fermetning though, current gravity is 1.118 and before degassing with my lees stirrer just now, I pulled a sample to taste. It's already fairly carbonated.

I'm thinking the lack of bubbles is because there has not been enough CO2 presure built up to push out the star san in the hose and bubble. Whereas with a normal airlock, the gas just rises straight through easy peasy, no presure required to release CO2.

Should I be concenered that not enough CO2 is being able to degas naturally and therefore stressing out the yeast? Aka, should I switch to a normal airlock or just leave it, it's fine, you're over thinking your first batch?