What happened? The site is 4-5x faster than it used to be. We may start getting more and longer discussions. I can even consider whether I want to become a patron, as it was totally out of the question before.

This is exciting! It's super pleasant to use the site, instead of being a chore. Good job, Vicky!

I've been part of a lot of forums, and some next steps to make the site really shine might be:
- remove the "copied from GotMead" javascript, as it breaks copy/paste when posting. At least remove it until you have a chance to repro and fix the bug.
- add a number next to the "Notifications" link, so users can quickly see if we need to check something out
- big feature: add mentioning with @name, which would also trigger a notification, unless that user has turned off notifications from mentions. Hopefully this would include a javascript which helps autocomplete, at least based on all users who have posted in the thread so far. Or all users, if the extra API call isn't an issue.
- the GotMead Live RSS feed should contain all episodes. This is an easy fix, and I already posted an example of an alternative RSS file in another thread.

Since this is the only dedicated mead forum, I'm glad to see it's getting better, and I'd like to see it get better still. Thank you!