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  1. Default JAOM Not Fermenting


    Threw together a batch of original JAOM yesterday.
    - 3.5 lbs. raw honey
    - Spring water
    - One orange
    - One cinnamon stick
    - Pinch of nutmeg
    - One whole clove
    - 25 chopped raisins
    - 1 tsp. Red Star active dry yeast

    Most recipes state that fermentation in JAOM should be noticeable after 1-3 hours; it's been over 24 since I finished putting this batch together. There is absolutely no bubbling activity within the must or airlock. (I don't have a hydrometer; I plan on buying one soon enough) I'm aware that normal recipes which utilize wine yeasts can take up to 72 to begin fermentation but my impression is that bread yeast is supposed to kick off much faster. Any input is appreciated.

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    Temperature? Bread yeast likes to be warm. 70F to 85F.

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    House thermostat is 70; my room is likely between 60 and 70.

    I share a house with several roommates; I can't jack up the thermostat for my mead hobby but what I did do is wrap the jug up in some towels, place it in a reusable shopping bag and moved it to a warmer location in the house. We'll see where that goes.

    This would explain why my first batch using wine yeast worked out fine and this one hasn't started.
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    "When at room temperature in your kitchen, put in 1 teaspoon of bread yeast."

    The temp range for bread yeast is 55-85F, but the reason he specifies locating it in your kitchen, because it's usually the warmest place in a house. Some people even say that you should put it on top of your refrigerator. If you do this, you may want to wrap it in a towel or t-shirt, as a way to block light.

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    Airlock hasn't begun to burp just yet but we've got foam and bubbling within the must, so it appears we have the early stages of fermentation.

    Thank you for your help darigoni, it's much appreciated.

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    If there is a poor seal between bung and container or bung and airlock then you won't see any activity in the airlock.

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    I put a better fitting stopper on, and alas she's bubblin' away. Glad this batch has finally taken off.

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