I am trying to understand this acid thing (malic, tartaric, citric). I recently added some squiizzed lemon juice (drops) to one melomel with blackberries and another melomel with raspberries. Fermented those with 71B. If I should exaggerate a little they smelled a little old (added sulfit and sorbat and the smell has been very similar since the fermentation stopped). With a little lemon the taste got a little brighter. Noticed that I needed more lemon to the raspberries than the blackberries (more berries in the raspberries).

I have another mead, a tradtional of heather honey and the AMH yeast. Have added sulfit and sorbate to that one too. But it also also has a slightly "old/muddy" flavour. Should I add some squizzed lemon to that one too? Is their any rule when to add which acid? Citric for melomels and tartaric for pyments?