Do you love cocktails and creative mead making? Why not combine the two in competition! We are carrying the torch that the MeadMakrs started with the #SodaMeadChallenge; introducing the #CocktailMeadChallenge! The idea is simple – design and craft a cocktail inspired mead and enter it into the Texas Mead Cup home competition. This will give everyone plenty of time to get ingredients, ferment and age a mead for the late fall Texas competition. How you make your cocktail-inspired mead is completely up to your creativity, though we have created the following rules to follow for our competition-within-a-competition:

1) Create and enter as many entries as you’d like
2) Enter the cocktail meads as Experimental Meads (M4C)
3) Meads should be standard strength – session doesn’t seem to fit with cocktails, while sack may be too close to actual cocktails. Any level carbonation is fine
4) Do not declare ingredients (listing honey is optional), but include what cocktail inspired your mead. Your entry name should include #CocktailMeadChallenge, the description should read “inspired by ____”
5) No actual spirits should be in your mead, but wood that has been soaked in alcohol are ok

We will post more information on entering as we get closer to the actual Texas Mead Cup entry dates. This serves as an introduction and call to action to get thinking, crafting and brewing! Leave any questions here. We look forward to seeing and hearing about your creative cocktail-inspired meads!