Hi all, literal brand newby here from Maffra, Victoria Australia,
Sorry about the long post (i did sanitize everything)
Anyway just saying hello, i started my Mead adventure on the 6th of april. Bought a 20L bucket from bunnings 2kg of cheap honey at the market, blended a handful of grapes with the bamix, 8L of water, chucked everything in the bucket with some sn9 yeast from Mangrove Jack, drilled a hole in the lid for an airlock and let her brew.
Today i bought a homebrew kit with enough gear to make 20L cider and a 5L carboy to finish my mead.
I ended up with the 5L Full and 2 X 1L. No idea what the alcohol content is but those 2 bottles are not going to last the night, however the carboy has restarted fermenting so i'll let it go for a while and see what happens, tomorrow i'll brew the cider cause it's there, then get back to the mead.