Hi all, I have started my very first mead recently - Acacia Honey Mead in traditional style.
I have also listened to the modern mead making podcast by Ryan and read quite a number of his threads and loveofrose's one. However, I still have some confusions that I would like to clarify by asking you guys.

1. How can I do my back sweeten intelligently? Can I take a 50mL sample of the must and then add some honey bit by bit to it until the point I like, and then multiply the honey with the batch size? or can I just add the honey to the must with smaller amount, let's say 100 gram and increase 25 gram each time, considered it is a 1 gallon batch?

2. If I want to adapt the sur-lie ageing method, is the following the correct way? Rouse the yeast for a week or not and then stop rousing it for 3 to 4 days, rack the must to a new carboy? By using this way, is cold-crashing unnecessary since the lees will once again fall down on the bottom?

3. Shall I add the K-meta to the must immediately after fermentation is over?

4. What spices will pair with the acacia blossom honey flavor? I have thought of adding some rose petals or osmanthus to it.