Hello yall,

Very excited to join the community looking forward to the sure to come constructive criticism haha.

I have three 1 gallon batches on mead in production atm and they are all following pretty much this exact same methodology.

3 pounds of honey is dissolved into a gallon of water yielding a must with a original specific gravity of around 1.110-1.114.

I would then add one sodium campden tablet to the must and leave it for 24 hours covered with a bubbler airlock.

After 24 hours i re-hydrate and then pitch the yeast (EC-111 and add 1/4 teaspoon of wine yeast nutrients and close up the bottle with the airlock.

Very active bubbling begins within a couple of hours and they generally seem to finish fermentation after around 7ish days. Two have had a very harsh alcohol taste following the initial fermentation.

My main question is that i live in Kansas and it is HOT AS HELL here in the summer and i have nowhere cool to keep these containers. I keep them out of the light but i don't really have anywhere in my apt that is cooler than 80 degrees. Should i just be waiting until it cools down to be fermenting or am i fine to continue? Is the hot temperature likely the reason why it tasted so harsh initially?

Should i be doing staggered nutrient additions or aerating the mixture?

What else am i missing here?

Thanks guys