Hi all.

So Vickey has said that people have been asking for me to come on another podcast, so I'll be back next week. We have a 2-week series I taught a while back where we looked at how to pair your yeast strains to your honey. If you haven't listened to these please do. It will help you to get more out of next weeks topic.

Any time we plan to make a mead, all of the fractions should be deliberately thought out in a way that will help to maximize the potential for all the parts to shine nicely together. Good meads rarely happen by chance. The better we understand how all of the pieces fit in the puzzle, the better chance we have to have something that really presents nicely.

Often times we can do lots of things correctly and yet still have a mead that just presents like it's confused or disjointed. Harmony happens in our thinking before we even start the purchasing process.

All too often on the public platforms we hear people giving really bad advice. It's ridiculous to think the same yeast over and over will always make nice meads. With just a little forethought and some practice, you can start to place together all of the pieces so they will complement the whole by design. And stop relying on blind luck to get that elusive intangible magic we all hope for and only occasionally find.

So please, we want you to contribute to next weeks show by posting troublesome areas that you have while trying to put together a plan so we can use some real-time examples during the show.