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  1. Default First mead: Super dry and a bit funky tasting?

    I attempted to make a short mead for the first time. After one month of fermentation, there are no more bubbles in the airlock. I decided to try it, and it is VERY dry, not sweet at ALL and smells a bit alcoholic and tastes a little funky (like a bit like kombucha?). I can't say I like the taste... I decided to rack it (There was like 1 cm of lees at the bottom of the carboy) and add some honey water to backsweeten. The airlock looks dead and I can't see any activity. This was supposed to be a short mead so I'm not sure whether to just wait longer or.. add more yeast, or just bottle it? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The hydrometer reading is 1.0 now, but I didn't take one before fermentation.

    2.3 kg wildflower honey
    13L filtered water
    6 tbsp wild yeast (from an apple + peach starter I made)
    24 organic raisins
    juice of 1 orange

    1 month later:
    added 600gr of honey

    To be clear it doesn't taste gross or anything and is definitely drinkable, just a little funky (wild yeast to blame?)

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    Well, you did a bunch of things wrong. First off you need to feed your yeast nitrogen if you want to avoid off-flavors. I wouldn't ever use a wold yeast as most are failures. The funk could be from starving your yeast. If you're going to backsweeten a mead you should stabilize it.
    7 out of 4 people have a hard time using their hydrometer!

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