Goodmorning everyone. I am Daniele and I write from Florence (Italy).
I'm not very good with English so I have to get help from google traslator for some translation. I would like to start with the fermentation of mead, I never tasted one, but the whole process of work attracts me a lot.
I set myself a goal, I would like to make a mead with a gradation of 15/16 that barks like the sweet wine, zibibbo or muscat, I hope some of you know this type of Sicilian wines.
I have never had a beer or wine fermentation.
I have available: 1 glass bowl of 5 liters, bubbler, mineral water 14 fixed residue, yeast Mangrove jack's M05, densimeter for beer, metabisulfite, and various transfer and mixing instruments.
Do you recommend using an alcoholic but slightly sweet wine like honey?
Do I have to use nutrients for my yeast?
What PH should I maintain during the first fermentation?
What OG do I have to get?
That's all for now, I'll continue with the questions later. Meanwhile I'm studying the guide for newbee. Thanks, hello everyone.