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  1. Question No bubbling after two weeks

    Hello, I tried to look this up but I couldn't get accurate information. This is my first batch.

    I have three questions:

    My fermentation stopped after two weeks. It was bubbling along nicely at about a bubble per 10 seconds, but now it's stopped.

    Here's what I used, to make one gallon.

    3 lbs honey
    approx 1/2 gallon of water,
    cooked honey and water together in a pot, (not boiled) 20 minutes
    then water to fill
    1 peeled orange
    20 or so raisins
    Lalvin 47 yeast

    I have it on my counter, my house is always between 68 and 72 degrees. I wrapped it with a dark blue towel and it was bubbling every 10 seconds or so until today. I never took an OG and SG is now 1.090. So I bet that's not helpful.

    Is this normal? Is it stuck? Should I not have peeled the orange?

    I just put in about 15 more raisins. Will that help?

    Question #2:

    When I mix up sanitizer, I fill up a small squirt bottle with some of it and when I need it, I spray whatever I need cleaned, like something I dropped on the floor, or to open the bottle to stir, Or using the hydrometer but don't want to mix up a whole new batch of sanitizer. Is this OK? Does sanitizer lose it's effectiveness after a while? I use One Step. I keep the filled spray bottle with my supplies.

    Question 3: Is a half gallon jar too small to make mead?

    Thanks all! I'm enjoying this new hobby!

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    Q1: Are you sure you're using the hydrometer correctly? Also, you didn't feed the yeast properly. How does it taste? 1.090 should be sickeningly sweet, you'll know immediately.

    EDIT: Raisins aren't food for yeast. Fermaid O is food for yeast.

    Q2: Depends on the sanitizer. StarSan should last a while, but something with sodium percarbonate doesn't store.

    Q3: Pretty much, yeah. Half a gallon is tiny, trying to make a batch that size is very unbalanced, regarding yeast pitch rate, feeding, etc. etc.

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    OK thanks for those answers. So should I feed the yeast? I do have yeast nutrient. I didn't taste it. I'll do that.

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    I'm having a similar problem and I think its because I didn't supply proper nutrients.

    Best of luck with your mead!

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    Ditto on the nutrients - you need them. D47 is temp sensitive, and you're right on the border line (high end) of it's tolerance. Maybe find a way to bring the temp down some (e.g. ice cold towel, but try to keep the temp fairly consistent).

    3 lbs of honey, in general, is a quart (depending on water content or density of honey). That + 1/2 gallon of water and the fruit put you a lot closer to a gallon, but at least 3/4 gallon of honey of water. Small batches are harder to work with IMO, but you should shoot for at least a gallon. You can always ferment in something like a 1.5-2 gallon food grade bucket, and then rack into a gallon jug.

    PH can occasionally be an issue if it gets to low, so having a digital PH meter is a good idea. My guess is the main problem for now is nutrients and temperature.

    All the best!

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    So you started with such a high gravity if I read you right you're lucky it even got off. Especially since you missed all the things we do to make our yeast strong. Did you add 3 pounds of honey to a half-gallon of water.?
    7 out of 4 people have a hard time using their hydrometer!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mydogsrbarkin View Post
    Thanks all! I'm enjoying this new hobby!
    Welcome to the forums; mead making is an awesome hobby! Unfortunately you likely ran across most/all of the bad pieces of advice prior to starting your first mead. As Squatchy pointed out your must is really concentrated with honey, someone told you raisins will feed your yeast, and you likely did not rehydrate your yeast properly. All of that is ok! Part of the learning curve is figuring out what not to do, the other part is learning what to do. We have consolidated a lot of good information in an alternate thread: here is a link that will help you sort out what you have learned so far into keep & toss!

    That will take you straight to my link blast but theres a bunch of good info there.

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    No, it probably looks like I did from what I wrote, but I mixed 3 pounds of honey with a half-gallon of water, poured that into the jug, then also filled up the jar with more water.

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    I didn't add any nutrients to this batch either. Good luck with yours too!

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    You guys really need to go listen to the podcast here and start on 9/5/17. I walk you through the entire process using the most current additions as well as protocol. Not only do I tell you what to do. But most importantly I tell you why we do it
    7 out of 4 people have a hard time using their hydrometer!

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    I just subscribed a few days ago. I'll check it out tonight.

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