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    Default Stuck fermentation or is it normal?

    I brewed this batch of traditional mead that finished fermenting (I think). The problem is the gravity is at 1.002. All my previous fermentations were dry at this point in the process . I don't know if the fermentation is stuck, or is this normal with this yeast because it is the first time I'm using it.

    So here is data on the brew: pitched the yeast on 12/17/2018. 5 gallons with original gravity of 1.090. 10 grams of Lalvin 71B, 12.5 grams of Go ferm, 4 additions of 4.1g Fermaid O. Added 6g of pottasium bicarbonate total in 3 additions, 2 grams upfront and remainder with first two nutrient additions. Temeprature varied between 66.8 to 73.9 dedrees fahrenheit.

    I measured gravity few days ago and it was 1.002, I measured it today and it didn't change. The brew smells yeasty, but tastes alright. No signs of contamination of spoilage. My calculations indicate it is sitting ag 11.5 abv, which is well within alcohol tolerance. Four weeks in the primary, so it is time to rack it. Is it stuck feremntation or will it eventually go to 1.000? Anything I can do to help it get there?

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    As the famous beer brewer Charlie Papazian said ďrelax and have a home brewĒ.

    I donít think Iíve ever seen it written that you need to rack at 4 weeks. .002 is in the range where errors can be created by temperature or how you are reading the hydrometer.

    Wait another week, then take another reading and, if itís still sitting at 1.002, I would consider it done.

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    I agree with darigoni. You're only talking about 2 points. I'm not sure what temp your hydrometer was calibrated at, or what the temp of the must is right now, but even if you technically should add 2 points for temp, the ferment got pretty close to done. If it were me, I wouldn't feel the need to 'restart' for just a few points.

    That said, it would bug me a little bit as to why it didn't go fully dry. You didn't mention anything about PH during fermentation, O2 additions (stirring adequately or using an O2 stone for 1st 3 days), or if you're keeping the lees in suspension. O2 is important during the aerobic phase of the yeast.

    If you want to give it some more time, stir 1-2 times over the next week, check the SG, then rack if it hasn't moved. Maybe cold crash and/or stabilize before racking if you want.

    The PH with the KHCO3 additions likely isn't too low, but a side consideration here is if it has your ending PH at 4.0+. My understanding is a PH below 4 is better at keeping some bad guys out of your mead. Maybe nothing to panic about, but a consideration for me at least.

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    But depending on what is being fermented there may be some solids from fruit that are not sugars and are not fermentable and which are suspended in solution and which add to the measured density of the liquid (gravity). If this is a trad mead (only honey and no spices, herbs, nuts, grains or fruit) then the alcohol + the water should drop the final gravity to below 1.000 (ethanol being less dense than water) ... but sometimes there are sugars in the honey that the yeast cannot ferment.

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