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  1. Default Sweet sack BOMM 3 gal and 5 gallon question

    I made a gallon of sweet sack BOMM and everyone loved it. It just wasn’t enough lol.
    My question is, what changes do I do to make the 3 and 5 gallon recipes?
    The 1 gallon was my first mead making as I am very much a rookie.
    Thank you,Bud

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    I've never made a BOMM before, so I'm not familiar with what goes in it, but generally you just multiply everything that goes in it by the ratio of the size of the first batch to the size of the new batch. In your case, the original was 1 gallon, so you multiply everything by 3 for a 3 gallon batch or 5 for a 5 gallon batch.

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    Multiply everything by batch size except yeast. For yeast, you need to make a starter as described here:

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    Thank you

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    Mr Denard ,
    Sir, you are amazing. I thank you very much for all us newbies..

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