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  1. Default Fermentable sugar-content of Liquid Malt Extract (LME)

    So I was thinking about doing a high ABV braggot, but I'm kind of stumped in regards to the sugar-content of LME. For instance, honey is ~80% sugar, what would be the corresponding number for LME, and is it the same across different kinds of LME?

    Does LME have any positive/negative impact on the fermentation-process that I should be aware of compared to straight honey? I could imagine it'd probably stress the yeast less than honey since malt is 2x glucose-molecules, while honey is a mix of glucose and fructose (less fermentable than glucose).

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    Honey is 100% fermentable
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    Liquid malt extract will provide you with a gravity of about 1.036 (between 1.034 and 1.03 when mixed with water to produce a gallon of wort. Malt will probably leave you with about 5 - 7 points of unfernentable sugars / pound of LME or DME which is why beer is always sweet and needs to be counter-balanced with hops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squatchy View Post
    Honey is 100% fermentable
    Sorry I wasn't specific enough. If we take 100g of honey then 82g will be sugars (glucose and fructose). Question is: if we take 100g of LME how much of it will be sugar (maltose in this casae)?

    I wish to know because then I can calculate the amount of honey it'll substitute in my base-recipe.

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    Similar to honey, liquid malt extracts often have 17-21% water.
    If you want to know the amount added for certain, using dry malt extract eliminates all the water.
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