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    TeaTruck Gotmead Visitor

    Default Light sensitivity?

    I wrap my carboys up in old sweaters. Partly because it helps to keep the temperature more stable, but mainly because I mostly make beer, and I'm told the hops will taste bad if they are exposed to too much light.

    I treat my mead the same way out of habit, and will probably continue to do so regardless. But out of curiosity, I was wondering just how light sensitive mead is. Does anyone have any information about this?

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    Default Re: Light sensitivity?

    Thats a Good practice. Yeast likes the dark and both wine and beer and mead keep best in dark places.

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    Default Re: Light sensitivity?

    Yeast, being fungi, grow best in the absence of light. This is reguardless of the beverage being produced. Beer is a special issue, as you said, because of the hops. Hop resins are light sensitive and when exposed create the "skunky" flavors sometimes attributed to ceaper beers. Exposing a mead to light will not prodice such off flavors, and in most cases probably will not effect the fermentation. this being said, i definately cover my carboys (meticulously) with a number of old towels, shirts, and blankets to keep light out. Both out of habit (from being a beer maker myself) and because it is the OPTIMAL condition for all yeast to grow in.

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    I initially Ferment in a pantry that has no lighting, Bulk age and bottle age in a basement corner with little indirect lighting from windows around a corner that are on the north side of my house and never get direct sunlight anyway. Therfore I don't bother covering my meads.

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    Rurouni85Samurai Gotmead Visitor

    Default Re: Light sensitivity?

    Would the added light hurt the mead? I don't have enough closet space left to put a big carboy without tossing some stuff into storage or the attic which I don't want to do. My biggest problem is that my windows face South and East so I'll be getting light in all day long.

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    I don't really know, In melomels I think it affects the fruit components more than it does the honey. Both wine and Beer have issues... Certainly I'd expect similar issues in Braggots and Pyments, probably most melomels.

    As far as show meads and methgylins... i have not idea.

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    TeaTruck Gotmead Visitor

    Default Re: Light sensitivity?

    Other than what has been mentioned in this thread, I don't know of any specific problems with light, but I've always heard it's a good idea to keep beer/wine/mead out of direct light. You might want to wrap you carboy in a towel or an old shirt.

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