well, i have two 1 gallon batches under my belt now. the first one, a cyser. I got impatient and didnt' let it clear before bottling it. it's still a little cloudy. the second, a vanilla mead.

On both batches i was very careful about cleaning and sanitizing the equip. and bottles. but, I've noticed in most of the bottles a little bit of a film floating on the top of the mead in the bottle. I have no idea what that is.

If it's a contamination, can it be skimmed off the top, or even sucked off with a 'turkey baster' type siphon? Maybe let it sit and pray it's just 'floaters'.

I really don't want to pitch it. The vanilla mead tasted really good, and I forsee it turning out extremely well with some aging.

Any ideas?