While the Mead Fest in Colorado is going so well, a few of us in Florida on the [meadmakers] and [mead] email groups also got together for a little party to share our meads.

A wonderful time was had by all. Howard took notes on who brought what with them and may be disclosing that on another post.
Here is small list of what we had:
cyser made with mulling spices,
Christmas mead,
Everything but the kitchen sink methaglin,
Some passion fruit melomels,
Several peach melomels,
A few traditionals,
A lactomel (yes, a lactomel),
One participant even brought some coffee mead that was to die for!

All the meads were very excellent and very drinkable with one exception. Some were still young and had a bit of a hot flavor to them but excellent flavor and nose. Some meads surprised us with how they had aged in such a short time and others were trying to convince one to enter their one Orange Blossom mead into the local Meadlenium contest. Needless to say, all present could see who was leaving with an inflated sense of pride in their mead as their head got stuck in the doorway upon attempted exit. Which was pretty much all of us as we all had brought excellent products. Just imagine the pileup at the door!

The exception I spoke of earlier is a lactomel that one gentleman brought just to get our opinions on. He'd made it a few years before with lactose free milk and thought it might be an interresting one for all to try. We all tried it and found that it was not to any of our likings. Oddly enough, the gentleman who made it didn't like it either and was simply curious for opinions and thought that the novelty of the mead would intrigue us all, which it did. With no hard feelings and honest opinions given the gentleman left much later with a smile on his face and several new friends in Florida.

With mead filled bellies, warm hearts, new friends, we all found it difficult to leave the Higgins House Bed and Breakfast as it's such a warm and inviting place to see and visit. However, with invitations to come back for a visit and see new made friends, we all left for the evening to go home and slumber.

This was definately a "must do again" kind of event, but perhaps with more people.