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    Default Welcome ken schramm!

    Just noticed the latest in new members. The latest as of 1/5/2005 at 9pm EST was ken schramm.

    Welcome to the forum, Mr. Schramm!

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    I wholeheartedly agree. Welcome!

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    Default Re: Welcome ken schramm!

    Damn, my dog is trying to hypnotize me again . . . did somebody say something about Ken Schramm joining the board! Cool!

    I better go put my dog out!


    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    yes please do! and after that go read about my sorbate problem!

    Welcome to the forum, Mr. Schramm!!

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    Default Re: Welcome ken schramm!


    I too want to welcome you and thank you for writing your book. It is a godsend to a new meadmaker like myself. I look forward to reading about your batches and hearing your advice to everyone here.

    Welcome again,

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    whats the name o his book, is it out yet?

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    Default Re: Welcome ken schramm!

    Wow Ken Schramm!!!!! The most quoted man on the site!!! Welcome and thanks for the great book.
    I bought your book shortly after release at Kuhnhenn Brewing Company, In Warren, The Lutz boys told me you had done a little seminar at the brewery. Will you being doing this again? I believe i had just missed it by a week!!!!! I was told you live in Troy, Will there be any other appearances. Dragonmead perhaps? And if so how can I keep updated on your appearances?

    It might be winter 8 months of the year in Michigan but at least we have Ken Schramm to keep us busy through it all!!!!!!!

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    Hey Idahoskunk, his book is called The Compleat Meadmaker. It can be found on Amazon at:

    Worth every penny!

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    Default Re: Welcome ken schramm!


    Ken's book, The Compleat Meadmaker, is likely to become the Bible of meadmaking. I would recommend adding it to your meadmaking books before any other book. It is written in such a way that it is good for the beginner and covers everything but yet has the depth to be an invaluable reference book to the experienced meadmaker.

    Buy it for yourself as a late Christmas present!

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    I noticed his name last night but was unsure if there were two Ken's... But yes... a very big welcome... His little book was bought by me within 2 weeks of my decision to brew mead.... I'm glad my supplier "Ice Harbor Brewing in Kennewick, Wa" (a small plug for them) had it on their shelf.
    Suzy Q

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    Default Re: Welcome ken schramm!

    Yep, I'm in. Sorry it took me so long to get into the swing of things. Kids applying for college and a couple of deaths in the family have made the home front the top priority. Hopefully things will settle down a bit, and I can pay some attention to mead.

    I'll try to stay active in the general discussions, and I know there is also much important business to attend to with the IMA.

    Thanks for all the kind words, everybody. I'm just an average schmoe, who happened to write down what I know about mead. I have a dirty basement, and fret about not pruning my trees or my raspberries quickly enough, just like everybody else (actually, I'm sure my basement is much worse than many of the folks who have read the book). Just 'cuz I wrote a book doesn't mean my wife doesn't get miffed if I don't clean up dinner, or that my kids don't think I'm as close to fossilized as I can be while still maintaining the ability to move.

    Well, here we go...

    It's time for some woodshedding, Willie Mae. The blue light was my blues, and the red light was my mind.

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    Default Re: Welcome ken schramm!

    Mr. Schramm,

    You did something many of us dream of doing but never do because we don't make the time. For that you've gotten our respect and from your knowledge, you've become the most quoted meadmaker known to current day.

    My condolences to you and your family. When family passes on, it's usually tough to deal with and even tougher when it's someone close.

    Good luck to your kids in college. They will have the time of their lives!

    Keep writing down what you know and learn. Not only has it helped many of us who have some experience, but it has inspired many more to start our hobby and enjoy it as much as you and I.

    I raise my mazer to you, Mr Schramm, human, husband, fossilized father (I understand that one!) , average shmoe who wrote down what he knows. Did I forget a title?

    I soon hope to be able to put down my thoughts and knowledge down in book form like you, but it's going to be slightly different, more of what a beginner shouldn't do and chock full of personal experience.


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    Mr. Schramm,

    Although I'm a newbie, I'm honored to be here where the info flows freely, the people are friendly, and the Grand Master of Mead has chosen to join!

    I'm compare my basement to yours anyday! I am the queen of clutter and crapola.

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    Default Re: Welcome ken schramm!

    Hi Ken!

    Glad to see you made it. My sympathies for your losses. Its always hard to lose those you care about.

    Kids off to college, eh? So, does this mean you'll have no money for mead anymore? I'm trying to do the savings thing for mine, who will be off in 6 years to college, and it's a daunting prospect. But, they'll learn a lot, and grow a lot. I know I did.

    Thanks for coming on to play here, I know the folks that use the forums (and those of you that live here, you know who you are) will overwhelm you with questions!

    Folks, just a word, Ken has a lot on his plate, so don't get miffed if he doesn't answer your question right away. He's heavily involved in the IMA stuff, as well as his personal things.

    Welcome, Ken.


    Vicky Rowe
    Owner & Webmistress,
    Executive Director, American Mead Makers Association
    Making Mead since 1995

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    Hey, I only live here because the rent is cheap!

    And for those of you who didn't notice it, there are PayPal donation and subscription links on the site, please use them!

    Truly, and no disrespect towards Ken, who is a mead legend even if he refuses to take the credit, I live here because of all the friendly people who love their hobby and are so willing to give their time and advice freely. I have been on the internet for many, many years and I can truly admit that I have never been a part of an online community that is as vibrant, kind, responsive, and well meaning as this one. There have been others that have come close but this group takes the cake!

    Ken, I'm sorry for your losses. We're glad to have you aboard. Laugh with us, argue with us, cry with us, teach us, learn from us.

    And most importantly...Got Mead? PM me, I'll give you my address so you know where to send it!

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