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    Default Calculations Page


    how about a page that does all the conversions

    • Honey in Weigth/Vol <-> SG/%PA/BRIX for a Volume
    • Acidity Converter (Citrci, Malic, Tartaric) per Volume
    • Blending calculator
    • Weight/Volume/Temperature conversion
    • Temp compensation for Hydrometer
    • ....

    Some or most of these may already exist as code that can be added to a page.

    I volunteer to do this as php code if required.

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    Some of those are planned as auxiliary tools the the Home Brew Digest thing I am working on that will become a part of GotMead. I can certainly add things like this to the suite of other utilities if you like.

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    Default Re: Calculations Page

    I think its a great idea. Jab, if you're already working on that for the software, great. Whoever decides to do it, I will *definitely* be tickled to put it on Gotmead.

    For the record, if anyone has tools, articles, info or whatever to add to the site, let me know. That's what Gotmead is all about, trading info. If you want to write articles, let me know the subject matter, and I'll set you up with a login to our news software.

    Contrubutors welcome, folks!


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