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    Default PDA's love em or leave em?

    With all the hubbub about Paris Hilton's sidekick being hacked, I thought it would be interesting to hear from everyone on the subject of PDA's and if you love yours or would like to see David Letterman drop it off the top of CBS building in New York?

    Do you have one? Do you use it? Do you panic when you can't find it, or do you secretly cheer when you think it's lost?

    Whaddyall think?

    Is it tasty . . . precious?

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    Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    Don't have one...

  3. Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    Have one. I think I charged the battery on it once. Other than that I can't tell you what it looks like.

    On the Paris Hilton thing. It sounds like someone did the 'I lost my password' link to which it asks a secret question. Of course hers was "What is your pet's name?" which apparently is pretty well known. They allowed the individual to change the password and bam!

    That is info I got off some FoxNews talk show today, probably not confirmed, but it seems unlikely that someone actually hacked T-Mobile and only got to her stuff.

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    Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    I would be in big trouble without my PDA.

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    Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    I carry my Palm m130 everywhere!
    My wife takes her Palm Tungsten E in her purse, too.

    Had to talk her into getting one of her own simply because she kept borrowing mine.

  6. Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    I Love my Palm Tungsten T3, though it feels like it's somewhat less stable than my other palms and I really hate Graffiti2.

    I've had a Palm 7x and a Palm Pro. Now that I'm actually trying to start my own business it's nice to finally use it as a tool instead of just an expensive toy.

    Now if only Rhinoskin would bring back the Titanium Hardcase... Rhinoskinís new Aluminum cases suck. Iíve already broken the clip and bent the case. Never had that happen while they were titanium, and I can't begin to count the number of times the titanium case saved my palm.


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    Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    I have a Tungsten C...i love its mini keyboard, i dont have to bother with graffiti at all!

  8. Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    I had no problem with the original Graffiti, but Graffiti2 is a pain.

    Most annoying is when you do a space after writing a "L". If you don't pause long enough, it turns the "L" into a "T".

    I wish they made Graffiti2 an option instead of an imposed change for the new Palms.


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    Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    Need one, any recommendations? Currently using the poor mans PDA (note pad). Between home and work, I have so many different logon names and passwords, I'm starting to lose track

  10. Default Re: PDA's love em or leave em?

    I have an older Dell Axim (X5 I believe) Pocket PC. At first I used it for everything, but now mostly an MP3 player, calendar & contact list. I also use for simple spreadsheets & calculator. I have lots of games, but never take the time to play them.

    I must admit, I do use it every day and would have a hard time getting by without it. I used to own a Palm, but prefer the more powerful Pocket PC interface. However, I favor the graffiti script (originated by Palm), and I'm thankful that the Windows Mobil OS has this as an option. Yes, there are some reasons to thank Microsoft!

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