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  1. Default Bobby's Cooking with Mead!!!

    Head's Up - Looks like Bobby Flay's going to be cooking with mead...,00.html

    Looks like it's airing the 9, 10, and 16th.,00.html

    Anyone know who makes the mead he's using?


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    Default Re: Bobby's Cooking with Mead!!!

    I just started cooking with mead a couple months ago after reading a few posts here by others. I find it a superior substitute for white wine. It makes a heck of an Italian dirty rice dish. Alittle sweetness in the mead adds a nice touch to the dish

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    I actually started putting some of the more full bodied meads I have in scrambled eggs. I have odd tastes I know, but I used to use honey and mustard in my eggs but now I have the mead to use and it tastes great!

  4. Default Re: Bobby's Cooking with Mead!!!

    Okay, I'm disappointed... I finally caught this episode a few days ago.

    It wasn't Bobby Flay that was cooking, and they used Bunratty Meade.
    (Which we know is actually white wine flavored with Honey.)

    Maybe next time...


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